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“I tried to get disability benefits without a lawyer, and I got turned down.  I was lucky to have a friend tell me about Tex Chalkley.  Tex took over the reins, made sure I kept up with my medical treatment, and ultimately got me my social security disability and I’m happy to say I’ve already received my benefits.  I hope I don’t meet anyone injured or disabled, but if I do, I will certainly make sure they call Tex.”

-James Luxton

“Tex Chalkley is your best bet if you are fed up with the government and not getting a fair shake and what you deserve.  I filed for disability by myself and got denied.  I tried again and got denied.  I lost count of how many lawyers I called trying to get help, some wouldn’t listen to me, and the rest turned me away.  Thankfully I called Tex Chalkley, in Ocala, and found my solution.  On my first call to Tex’s office I spoke to Heather, and she is my angel!  Heather took the time and showed that she cared.  Tex saw the legitimate claim I had, and he and his associates pointed me towards the proper healthcare that I needed and that would help support my disability claim that no one else believed.  Tex worked hard at taking care of me, got me approved and I already have my money that I needed and deserved.  If you are looking for the best social security disability lawyer in Ocala, don’t waste your time calling around, call Tex Chalkley.”


“Over the past 3 to 4 years I applied for disability, without a lawyer helping me, and I was denied my disability every time.  I figured since I couldn’t get it done on my own that I would get a lawyer to help me.  Tex Chalkley was highly recommended to me, so I called him, and boy am I glad I did!!  I was impressed with everyone’s work in the office, he has a solid team of professionals working for him, everything went real well.  I heard that it can take 2 to 3 years, but Tex got my disability approved in less than 5 months!!  Anyone hurt in an accident, hurt at work or hurt and can’t work needs to call Tex!”

-Edward Traylor

“I heard disability from social security was a real long haul.  While dealing with Social Security I was confused by their questions and paperwork and thought it made sense to have a professional help me.  I have always worked and I wanted to continue to work, but everything kept piling up, getting worse and worse, and finally got to the point that I could not work anymore.  I found Tex in the phone book. Tex and his entire team are friendly, knowledgeable and you can tell they care.  Everything was great and they did their best to take everything off my shoulders so that I didn’t have to worry about it.  I’ve already referred friends to Tex.  I hope I don’t know anyone else that needs his help, but if they do, he is the man to see.”

-George Lanz

“I know that getting disability is very tough.  I helped my husband with his disability claim, it took over 2 years and tons of paperwork.  After dealing with those headaches firsthand, I knew that I needed a knowledgeable attorney to handle my case for me.  From the very first meeting, everyone was wonderful!  They held my hand through each step of the way.  Tex and his team got me approved for disability in less than 1 year. Call Tex!”

-Carlene Ottenbaker

“I originally applied on my own, and was denied almost immediately.  Tex helped someone I know get disability, and they highly recommended that I call him.  Once Tex became my representative, it seems that things started going in the right direction.  I stayed with my doctors, followed Tex’s advice, and have been awarded and received my disability.”


“My husband is on disability, so I knew it was a very involved and complicated process.  One of my doctors recommended that I call Tex Chalkley.  Tex had also helped one of my good friends get disability and improve her quality of life.  It’s been less than 9 months, I am already receiving benefits, have received medicare, and am in a much better position than before I hired Tex.”

-Janice Denis

“Call Tex First!  I applied and did a lot of work on my own and it was very stressful, I did not like it.  I am lucky that someone told me to call Tex.  He took care of everything and now I have my money.  Thank you Tex!  Make sure you call him for help with social security disability.”


“Thank you again for all you did for Mike, and believing in him when all seemed hopeless.  You will never know the true depth of what you did for him, just by allowing him to hope.”

-Jill Stewart, on behalf of Michael Gonsalves

“I had applied for disability in the past and been denied.  I hired an attorney that I never even met, and got denied again.  I decided to give it another shot.  It had been me against the world, but then I hired Tex and got him and his team on my side.  I think I drove them crazy at first because I was so scattered and couldn’t really “get my stuff together.”  It is clear to me that Tex and everyone in his office care.  They saw me as a person and not a number.  They took control of the situation, held my hand, and led me to a fully favorable decision and I finally got my long awaited disability benefits.  Tex was patient and kind, and it wasn’t just him, it was the entire office, from the minute I walked in the front door.  In fact, one of the tires on my car blew out on the way to my hearing.  Tex gave me money out of his own pocket so I could get a new tire.  I hope anyone who needs help with their disability case contacts Tex.”

-Cynthia Cummings

“If you are thinking about applying for Social Security Disability, call Tex.  I went through the entire disability process (without Tex as my lawyer), and that took 4 years, and I was denied at every level.  Since I was denied, I was forced to return to work.  I had to have 2 surgeries within a 4 month period.  At that point, my body really could not handle working any longer.  I had to find help somewhere.  I asked around, and received positive recommendations about Tex Chalkley.  I contacted Tex, and was relieved to find someone that was experienced and knowledgeable, and could handle all aspects of my claim.  Tex took control of my case, and he prevailed. Tex even prepared my case so well, that this time around I didn’t have to go to court.  I’ve already started receiving my disability benefits.  I highly recommend Tex Chalkley!!”


“I received injuries from an accident at work, and was in the middle of a Work Comp claim.  I also applied for social security disability.  At first I applied for disability without the help of a lawyer.  I was denied that first time.  Luckily, I obtained Tex to represent me.  Regardless of all the hoops that the social security administration makes you jump through, Tex represented me well, he and his firm took the burden of all the work on, and got me the benefits I deserved MUCH sooner than I had expected.  I didn’t even have to go in front of a judge!”

-Lisa Cochran

“I knew getting disability wasn’t going to be easy.  I applied twice without a lawyer and got denied.  I contacted a social security lawyers organization to help me find a good lawyer.  They gave me Tex’s number.  Even though I was denied when applying on my own, Tex made me feel like I had a chance.  I think that Tex and his team did a great job building my case and getting me the disability that I deserve.  I hope anyone needing help calls his office.”

-Carrie Kirkland

“I have heard from people that they tried to get disability and it took them several denials and years of hard work.  I contacted several attorneys via phone, and Tex’s office made me feel the most comfortable.  I first met with Tex in October, and was awarded disability in January.  Although I’ve heard a lot of people talk about the nightmares of the whole process, Tex worked hard, and everything went smoothly.”

-Patti Thompson

“I hired a lawyer for social security disability.  Once I hired them, I didn’t see or hear from them again, unless I tracked them down.  I needed a new lawyer.  I found Tex in the yellow pages.  I felt good about Tex and his staff from day 1.  I have heard horror stories about the disability process, and actually experienced some of it myself with my first attorney.  In less than 6 months after hiring Tex I have already been approved for social security disability, and received my first few checks.”

-T. Radovan

“I had a lawyer representing me in my disability case.  I was denied, and my lawyer advised me to not request a trial, I was told to just start over.  Luckily, one of my doctors referred me to Tex.  When I told Tex the details, he said that we should request a hearing.  I was very impressed with the fact that Tex got me social security disability benefits from a judge, when I had other lawyers tell me to just start over.”


“I moved to Ocala last year and had a hearing scheduled and needed to find a lawyer fast.  Someone recommend I call Tex.  I was worried that Tex wouldn’t be able to get things prepared fast enough for my hearing, but I was wrong.  I was nervous at the hearing, but Tex took care of everything.  I already got a check in my hand!”

-Bradley Brownell

“I had applied and been denied a bunch of times for disability from the social security administration.  A coworker of my mom’s recommended Tex.  After going through it on my own, and then having a lawyer, I think it came down to the fact that although I have and have had medical documentation, Tex is knowledgeable and experienced with social security, and I’m happy to say that he got me my disability benefits.”

-Shantel O.

“I looked in the phone book for a lawyer to help me with my disability case.  I had a very bad experience with the first lawyer I tried working with. I gave it another shot, and called Tex.  Tex handled my case for me all the way through a hearing in front of a judge.  I was nervous to go in front of the judge, but Tex was confident in my claim, and everything went smoothly.  I’m glad to say that I received my first disability check within one month of my hearing.  I was very pleased with Tex and will definitely recommend him to anyone needing a reliable lawyer to help with their social security disability case.”


“Things got to the point where I could no longer function at work. I was advised by my doctor to apply for disability.  I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to do on my own.  I applied and received a denial.  I followed the procedure and submitted a reconsideration request.  I was denied again.  I decided it was time to see an attorney.  Thankfully a friend recommended Tex.  By the time I contacted Tex, it was only 5 days before my hearing.  Tex and his team still were able to prepare and receive a fully favorable decision for me!  After applying on my own, and experiencing all of the work, stress and time involved, I would definitely recommend that anyone applying for disability start with a lawyer from the beginning, and that they make sure Tex is their lawyer.  Everyone at Tex’s office is friendly, great, and they made me feel comfortable and stress free from the minute I walked in their front door.”

-Tracie Riggs

“I applied for disability on my own and was denied twice.  I obtained Tex late in the game (3 days before going in front of the judge).  He and everyone in his office were very professional and efficient.  Tex and his staff simplified the remainder of the process for me, and obtained a Fully Favorable decision on my behalf.  I’m glad I found Tex, and I hope others in need of representation have the same luck.”

-Bobbie Wages

“I was denied disability at least two times, after applying on my own.  I decided I needed a lawyer.  I started calling around to various attorneys, and when I got Tex’s office on the phone, I liked what I heard.  They weren’t an “impersonal machine,” I felt like a person and not a number when I spoke with them.  There is always stress involved in something like this.  It took a lot of work for me to try to take care of myself during this period, but thankfully Tex and his team took care of the stresses with the Social Security Administration.  I would and already have recommended Tex to people that I know. Amen!”

-Tanya Rivenburg

“I applied for disability on my own, and got denied.  I appealed that denial, and got denied again.  The entire process of working on this by myself was tedious and repetitious.  I was very frustrated.  I found Mr. Chalkley through a work contact of my Husband.  Thankfully I found Tex.  From the minute I hired Tex, I felt extreme relief.  I didn’t have to worry about the process.  Tex and his office guided me through everything.  Money was very tight at times, so it was difficult to attend the recommended Dr. appointments, but I did what I could, followed Tex’s advice and within 1 yr. I received my disability benefits.  I would absolutely recommend Tex to anyone who needs help or is confused with the disability process.”


“I applied on my own and had been “slammed” by the social security administration.  Tex represented my dad in a Work Comp injury and disability case, and we were very pleased, so I decided to give him a call.  I am very happy with my experience with Tex and his office, and if I have the need or know someone who does, I would refer them to Tex in a heartbeat.  In fact, I already have.”

- D.S.

“Tex was recommended to me by my brother, who had Tex help him obtain his disability benefits.  When my brother brought me to Tex I was very nervous.  The thought of applying for disability was overwhelming.  From my very first visit, my experience with Tex and his staff was excellent.  Everyone in the office is knowledgeable and compassionate.  They made things easy for me to understand and eased my concerns.  I know they do this a lot and are very busy, but they were patient with me.  I was a person and not just a number.  If you need help with disability, call Tex.”

- Mary Bell

“I applied for disability on my own in September 2007.  I got denied soon after.  As soon as I got denied I contacted an attorney that helped me in the past, when I was injured in a car accident.  That attorney immediately referred me to Tex, and I’m very thankful that he did.  Tex took my case, and guided me to success.  Tex is a wonderful person, and he has helped me through a lot.  Sometimes I lost hope, got frustrated or impatient, but Tex and his team reassured me, held my hand, and motivated me to continue seeing my doctors and proceeding with my claim.  When I called Tex, I either got a call right back or an answer right there on that call.  Everyone at the firm is extremely polite and helpful.  I would most definitely recommend Tex and his firm to anyone who is injured or disabled and unable to continue working.”

- Delores Lampman

“Our experiences with Tex have been nothing short of wonderful.  He achieved what we thought was impossible.  I had applied on my own and gotten denied.  I contacted Tex, and he got me my VA and Social Security Disability!  When my wife became disabled, we tried to file on our own.  She was denied twice before we finally contacted Tex.  I sent her to Tex based on my experience with him, and it wasn’t that long before he got her disability as well.  Everything went smoothly with both of our claims and I would recommend Tex to anyone that has any disabilities, or has lost the ability to continue working.  I thank God for people like Tex.”

- Tommie D. Fincher