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Ocala Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Wrongful Death occurs when a death is caused by the misconduct of another person, product or company.  It can be the act of a single person or of a corporation, such as a drug company, hospital or manufacturer of a defective product.  Wrongful death is not the same as murder.

Losing a loved one is not easy, and while no amount of money can bring your loved one back, our experienced, proactive, caring and empathetic lawyer will work tirelessly to afford financial compensation for you and your family’s loss.  Insurance companies, corporations and individuals typically avoid accepting responsibility for the severe human and financial consequences of death.  We access every available connection, resource and strategy to establish our clients’ losses, and to hold the responsible parties accountable.  The unnecessary death of a family member is one of the worst events that anyone can experience.  We strive to help each client obtain justice and to guide them through this process with the greatest degree of wisdom and compassion.

What are your options when this type of tragedy occurs?

Florida law provides for the compensation of the survivors when a Wrongful Death occurs, just as it provides for the compensation of a victim who has been injured by similar misconduct.  Often, damages for pain and suffering are also available.

Who can be compensated for a Wrongful Death?

It is common for the list of survivors (sometimes called “beneficiaries”) to include:

• Spouse and minor children (may include persons older than 18)
• Parents of a deceased child
• Estate of a deceased

If you have a Wrongful Death claim, we will take the necessary steps to assist you in the process. At J. W. Chalkley, III, P.A., your Ocala Wrongful Death Lawyer, we will conduct a personal interview to obtain the facts, nature, and extent of all losses and damages you or your loved ones have incurred. Following a detailed review of your case, we employ selected experts to review such facts as, defective products, acts, etc., and to consult with us on your loss.  A Case Analysis is then conducted so we can best recommend the most appropriate plan of action.